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Chilli Cheese Rangoon - Stur-fry box

Chilli Cheese Rangoon

Chilli and Cheese Wontons pinched into little purses and deep-fried

Veg. Spring Roll - Stur-fry box

Vegetable Spring Roll

Crisp fried pastry parcels, with a juicy vegetable filling. Served with a homemade dipping sauce

Chicken Dragon wings - Stur-fry box

Chicken Dragon Wings

A Deep-fried crunchy chicken appetiser, shatteringly crisp on the outside, moist and succulent inside.

Fried Wonton Chips - Stur-fry box

Fried Wonton Chips

The texture and crunch of crispy wonton chips make a fantastic accompaniment to any Chinese meal.

Dynamite Prawns

Battered deep fried prawn coated in a mixture of mayonnaise and sweet-chilli sauce.

Why to Choose Stur-Fry Box’s Appetisers?

We at Stur-Fry Box aim to bring the best Chinese and Pan Asian food to the community with our carefully curated menu.

Asian food and its flavors came a long way, though the method of cooking has drastically changed over the centuries the essence remains the same. The impact of Asian influence, including the stories of cuisine and culture has left a mark around the East and West. Few of the dishes from their cuisine are adored and eaten regularly all around the world. No doubt they have a multifaceted main course with a variety of sides and not to forget the appetisers too.

One of the main reasons that their appetisers are so famous is because of the texture flavors, and mostly they are like finger food. You can eat them, and they will leave you with such a unique satisfaction but still desire for more. Indeed, a perfect appetisers are the perfect way to enjoy the main course.

The Stur Fry Box appetizer menu has a variety of delicious finger food that will warm up your palates for our delicious entrees. Each appetizer fits perfectly with any entrée you would like to have.

Moreover, each appetizer is curated to be completely different from the other, and with our in-house sauce, they fit perfectly together like a puzzle piece.

Following are our appetisers that are loved and worth a try. Honestly, there is no age limit and preference for which appetisers will suit which group. From children to your grandparents, they all can enjoy them wholeheartedly!

Let us start with the most loved and popular item, “The Veg Spring Rolls.” Spring rolls are one of the most famous dishes all around the world for Chinese and many Asian countries. It’s full of al dente vegetables and served with an inhouse sweet and savory sauce that will indulgence you in pure bliss. And not to forget the crispy exterior! So perfect!

Then the second most popular appetizer is Chilli Cheese Rangoon. They have a chili and cheese filling that is perfectly balanced and enclosed in a crispy wonton wrap. We use the local green chilies that help the taste fit the palates.

If you are looking for a non-veg and spicy appetiser, then Chicken dragon wings are the perfect choice for you. They are super crispy and have a spicy coating. And you will be surprised by the delicious and juicy chicken inside!

Want a chicken appetizer that is not that spicy but can satisfy both spicy and non-spicy lovers. We are talking about the Katsu Chicken. It may seem odd, but it is a classic Japanese dish that we are presenting for warming up your palate.

Now let us talk about the seafood option as well. The tempura-fried prawns are perfect if you want something little and crispy. The light battered fried prawns are subtle and delicious. To spice things up, we serve these prawns with inhouse made chlli sweet sauce.

One seafood appetizer is not enough; then try the creamy yet crispy dynamite prawns. They are also fried with a light and airy batter and then tossed in a creamy sour and chili sauce. Honestly, it is so good that you will lick your fingers clean.

Last but not least, fried wonton chips are a simple appetizer that can be accompanied with any main dish or just eating them alone with just sweet and sour sauce.

In short, with so many authentic takes on Asian appetisers, there is no way you cannot deny the excitement and enjoyment! So why wait? Visit us now or Order Online and let the authentic Asian food satisfy your taste buds, We will deliever it to your doorstep.