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Best Chinese Restaurant in Mumbai

There are quite a few helpful articles on the internet which need to be taken with a pinch of salt. The idea of the Best Chinese restaurant in Mumbai is very subjective, hence justice can not be done by listing down a few restaurants and then calling it the top 10 chinese restaurants in mumbai. It could be the best for an individual or a few people but it can’t be the best for all. So how do we pick out the next place for some good Chinese food? Chinese food like- like Dim Sum, Lung Fung, Momo, Noodles, Nasi Goreng and Schezwan Fried Rice and what have you.

Stur-fry box offers Chinese food delivery services from which you could order Chinese food online in Mumbai via Zomato, Thrive, and Swiggy; within most of central and south Mumbai areas like Parel, Sewri, Wadala, Sion, Mazgaon, Dadar, Byculla, Worli, Tardeo, Mumbai central, and Mahalaxmi. We are available for online food ordering for those who want to experience stur-fry box’s signature tasty, trendy, Asian cuisine at home, which is something you can’t find in every Chinese food restaurant in Mumbai.

So How Do I Find the Best Chinese Restaurant Nearby?

So presuming that you are new in a city, don’t have a friend who has been there and done that or finding it difficult to choose where to grab your next Chinese meal. There is a thick line between Indian Chinese/Indo Chinese and Authentic Chinese food, so once you know what you are really craving for, half the battle has been won. If it is Chinese street food you are craving for, always travel towards the old part of the city and check out which Chinese cart in the khao galli has the most crowd.

If it’s authentic you need, where they use exotic ingredients but still make the food tasty and spicy to suit the Indian Palate, you should rush for the old established restaurants who serve those kinds of authentic Chinese dishes. The other option is to check out the Five star hotels and see what kinds of Asian dishes they serve, but keep in mind this kind of authentic food is not for everyone.

Last but not the least- when ordering Chinese food Online on Swiggy, Zomato etc. Firstly, you must make sure to read the genuine reviews and watchout for reviews that have a high chance of being fake. Secondly, don’t blindly rush for discounts for obvious reasons. Lastly, tip the delivery boy if you can afford it, they are more than front line heroes. 

Although, This is a simple and almost foolproof plan to get some great Chinese food, the reason these tips have been mentioned is that the market for Chinese food is quite loud and can get quite confusing at times.

Why Ordering Chinese Food From Stur-Fry Box?

We @sturfrybox have designed our Food menu in a simple format, by which we aim to solve many problems one faces while ordering satisfying Chinese food. Our Chinese menu consists of mainly Chinese dishes, but we also have selected dishes from American Chinese, Indo-Chinese and newer dishes from China, Japan, and southeast Asia. So if you plan to Order Chinese food Online, do give us a try. We promise we will serve you the food you deserve.

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