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Classic Bubble Tea - Stur-fry box

Classic Bubble Tea

Savor the delightful combination of Taiwanese sweetened tea with milk and chewy tapioca balls, known as Boba. Explore the unique flavors and textures that make this popular drink a must-try for tea enthusiasts everywhere.

Lemon Iced Tea with boba - Stur-fry box

Lemon Iced Tea with Boba

Indulge in a refreshing twist on iced tea, featuring a delightful combination of citrus scents and chewy Boba balls. Experience how this unique fusion can elevate your beverage experience to an entirely new level of enjoyment.

Classic Kombucha - Stur-fry box

Classic Kombucha

Presenting our celebration serve: unflavored black tea Kombucha. Delight in the exquisite taste that will truly elevate your experience.

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