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Bombay Chilli- A Classic Indo-Chinese Dish

Bombay Chilli is a classic Indo-Chinese dish found eventually at every Chinese street food joint. Bombay Chilli is an iconic dish for many people who love spicy food. And we think, as Indians, spicy ingredient like green chilies and laal mirch is something too familiar for us. We literally grew with these species as a stable ingredient for us. Honestly, at this point, we might feel we might not feel the pleasure and enjoyment while eating the food without those snappy fresh green chilies on the side or in the salad, at least.

But today’s Dish we are going to discuss is a beautiful combination of flavors from Indo-Chinese cuisine. We are talking about the Bombay Chilli Chicken, Bombay Chilli Prawns, and Bombay Chilli Paneer all of them are a personal favorite, especially at Stur Fry Box.

We are very proud to present the three variations that can be eaten according to your mood and personal preference, and the base of the three dishes is the same. You may find a flavor difference because of the protein you choose; otherwise, it is a fantastic choice for you.

Now let us talk about the process we make this delicious dish for our customers daily. We start with collecting the fresh produce daily in the morning. We get a new batch of chicken, prawns, and green chilies for this dish. Our chef tried to get or make the best paneer for you that is perfect in texture and has this firmness to it as well.

Then we batter the protein with a batter and fry them into crunchy and crispy morsels. Then our primary focus is on making the sauce while cooking the dish per order. The spice and seasoning include Chinese condiments like soy sauce, chili sauce, vinegar, and our inhouse Sichuan sauce for a balance of overwhelming flavors. The finely chopped fresh green chillies and our inhouse super-hot Sichuan sauce will not just give it a spicy taste but also a numbing feeling at the center of your mouth; this is caused by the original Sichuan red pepper corns used in our inhouse Sichuan sauce.

Finally, we finish the dish by cooking with green chilies, onion, capsicum, spring onions, and garlic, adding the Sichuan sauce and fried protein. The tossing of everything gives the dish a deliciously appealing gloss and sheen. Honestly, it is the perfect party popper as a dish, and we recommend eating it as it is. But you can also have rice or noodles for side dishes. Again, you can enjoy it any way you like and the way you always preferred. So next time you are ordering from Stur Fry Box, do remember to try this classical street food dish prepared by us.

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