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Butter Garlic Prawns

Nothing can beat the classic combination of butter and garlic. It is so subtle yet so powerful that it coats every ingredient so well. But today, we are not talking about just an ingredient, and we are talking about the star of the seafood, The prawn, and snappy crunchy vegetable Celery!

We all know that the prawns have this soft and succulent texture that takes on the butter and garlic flavor so well. But the addition of celery gives a little bit of texture and a sweet to savory flavor to the dish. What a perfect melody these ingredients create together as one. Today, we will introduce this dish officially as an entree in our Stur Fry Box menu. We are so excited about it since our head chef has tried, experimented so much through the years, and perfected this dish just for you to enjoy from our kitchen.

The butter and garlic combination for a dish has a French origin, and it is usually called Garlic butter, a butter compote. French cuisine usually names it as “beurre à la bourguignonne”. This compote butter is very easy to make with just butter, garlic, and herbs, and honestly, you can use it for cooking, baking, and on bread to make garlic bread. No doubt, it is so delicious. Although who was the inventor of this beautiful compote is still unknown, it does not matter since it has been so popular.

Now let us talk about the delicious dish for you, the butter garlic Prawns. Of course, we start with getting the prawns clean and ready for the service. Then we use salted butter from the market and the garlic, of course. Garlic is one of the main stables in Indian cuisine and other cuisines as well, so using the intense garlic flavor into the dish was normal yet delicious for us.

Another important ingredient that we use in our dish is celery. You may find it a bit odd than the typical Butter garlic prawn dishes, but we have a great reason to add it to the dish. The celery adds a bit of a touch of sweetness and earthiness as well that plays great along with the ocean-tasting prawns. We also like how snappy they are, and they are important ingredients in French cuisine as well. Celery is a part of a Mirepoix, which is the flavor mix from the French cuisine consisting of onion and carrot as well. In short, the celery has so much to put in the dish related to aroma, texture, and flavor.

Then we start with heating the butter, garlic compote, and five spice along with deep fried prawns. Here we make sure that the fried prawn takes on all the beautiful taste and aroma of the spices, garlic, and of course, the delicious butter. Finally, we toss the prawns through the seasonings like salt, and white pepper for extra zing and taste. This not just helps us in making the dish tasteful but also making a little sauce or gravy of its own for the maximum texture and flavor that can be eaten over the rice or just scoop the shrimp in the sauce.

We always think of ways to enjoy our dishes to the maximum; therefore, we have a wide variety of pairing options like rice and noodle to go with the Butter Garlic Prawns for you.

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