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Chicken Dragon Wings

Chicken Dragon Wings SturFry
Best Chicken Dragon Wings in Mumbai

Have you eaten Chicken Lollipops in Mumbai? Our chicken dragon wings are not significantly different in taste except for the fact that they are more juicer and crisp. And what if we tell you they are just a perfect size of a one-bite chicken lollipop. Yes, they are tiny yet bursting with flavors and that crispy texture that will indulge you in pure savory bliss and leave your palates craving for more.

What makes our chicken dragon wings different is their appearance. They look like a tiny chicken lollipop but have so much juicer texture in every bite. Our secret is that we do not mess with the shape of the wings a lot. We try to work with a natural shape, and we keep the skin on; this helps to get juicier results.

Chicken lollipops are one of the most popular Indo-Chinese appetizers. Made out of chicken wings for the perfect bite portion and size. Of course, it is an appetizer, and a one-bite serving is perfect for enjoying these Indo-Chinese delicacies.

The secret to having that perfectly made lollipop chicken to be firstly marinating for a few hours and then coating with a spicy red batter before it’s deep-fried. The advantage of a wet batter over a dry one is that it helps to retain the chicken moist and is more flavorful. Usually, to make a chicken lollipop, the meat on the chicken wings is scraped into the top of the bone and folded to get the desired shape. This makes it easier to handle and eat but also increases exposure to flavors and hot oil, which results in drier meat. Leaving the skin in its place keeps the juice locked inside the meat and renders tender meat.

When it comes to flavor, we like to marinate the wings in some deep and beloved Asian flavors like soy sauce, pepper, ginger, garlic, and our twist with the local goods like Kashmiri red chili and lemon juice instead of vinegar for natural acidity. Here the duration of marination is the key since it helps in infusing the maximum flavors within the fatty meat of the wings and gives you a savory punch of deliciousness. 

The second most important element of the dish is to cover the wings with a spicy, crispy, and crunchy batter. We use a combination of All-purpose flour and cornstarch; this gives a nice coating that cooks in the oil and gives out the crunchy texture. We are not leaving the exterior coating bland. Therefore, we are using salt, Kashmiri red chili specifically for the red coloring and the chili kick, ginger, and garlic.

Another important thing about the batter is that we will not make it that thick or too thin. The consistency of the is important so that it still coats and when fried gives the lightest crispy texture.

Now all you have to do is deep fry them in hot oil for 5 to 6 minutes until cooked through, crispy, and beautifully browned as well. This recipe is so delicious and yet so easy to make. And not to forget loved by everyone!

Here at Stur-Fry Box, this dish has become the must-order dish, and also in most Indo-Chinese restaurants in Mumbai. They are so good on their own, but we love to have it with some Chili-Sichuan dip. Indeed, it is light and full of flavor and a perfect way to start your eating journey with us and discover other existing things we have for you.


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