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Chicken Katsu

Chicken katsu is a classic Japanese main-course dish that everyone around the globe adores. Our Chicken Katsu has a deep-fried crispy chicken that comes along with our in-house sweet chili sauce. Fried chicken has been celebrated and enjoyed all around the world, but what makes the chicken in Chicken Katsu different is the way it is cut into a boneless and big piece of chicken into a cutlet and drenched in panko breadcrumbs. We are sure that our chicken katsu will give you a very satisfying experience. We at Stur-Fry Box vow to bring you the best katsu chicken in Mumbai. 

Yes! We at Stur Fry Box are on a mission to bring the best Chinese and Japanese cuisine to the locals, but with a few nodes of flavors we all grew up eating. The contrast of creating something with the ethnicity of the original yet foreign recipe while still having some warm flavors of the local palate is a complicated task, but we are doing it with a heart full of devotion, and the love and appreciation we have received so far has helped us and encouraged us to spread it out even more.

Traditionally, the dish is served with cabbage salads, a side of rice, or pickled vegetables. The chicken itself is a boneless chicken with no more than salt and pepper seasoning, then breaded for cooking. The chicken itself is the tastemaker for the cutlet part, but the fun is brought to the table by those extremely crispy panko crumbs. The crunch in every bite and even the curry sauce meet, and the texture slowly dissolves in the mouth.

Another important thing that makes the chicken cutlet so special is its size. The fried chicken cutlet will cover your entire plate and still hang from the plate boundaries. It is because of the special Japanese knife technique called Kannon Biraki. The technique includes the butterfly cutting technique, but from the front of the chicken breast, then to the sides.

If you search deeply into Japanese cuisine, you may find it has some Chinese and Korean influences too. You may read that Chicken Katsu may have North Korean roots and was introduced to Japan in the early or late 18th century. But there are no visible studies or data on it. The word katsuword is actually derived from tonkatsu, and again, it is a gravy-like curry that has been around in Japanese cuisine for centuries.

Nevertheless, you can experience the delightful Chicken Katsu for dinner or lunch with Stur Fry Box anytime. We are sure you will never be disappointed with it. And with that big portion of food on the table, you will be stuffed!

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