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Dynamite Prawns

Dynamite prawns are among the best Chinese to western-influenced dishes we have ever got. It is sweet, spicy, and so savoury that you will feel the pop of flavours in your mouth. It is not just about the flavours, honestly! Here at Stur-Fry Box, we work on the crispy tempura texture on the prawns and then coat them with an in-house made sweet chilli sauce with mayonnaise to give a little spin-off to traditional and local palates.

Indeed, you might have eaten dynamite prawns in a lot of restaurants due to the unique flavour. Of course, they are the perfect dynamite appetiser to start your supper with, but we have been dedicated a lot of effort to making these the best with authentic techniques.

We start with the best and freshest prawns available in the market. The prawn itself has a deep sea-like taste but a firm texture. We make sure that they are fresh; therefore, you will never smell any funky fishy smell from them. Now let us talk about the love we put in making these prawns.

There are two primary components of the dish, first is making the prawn tempuras then making the sauce to cover the tempuras without losing any crunch. Therefore, it can get very technical to make the sauce super light.

We use corn starch, white flour, rice flour, salt, and pepper for the best-aerated tempura batter. Of course, the trick here is the flour mixture for added crunchiness and for the perfect airy and fluffy texture that gives out the crunchy element of this simple batter. We also try to keep the ratios of the ingredients in the batter balanced so that the batter does not have that oily mouthfeel.

Now we dip the prawn into the batter and fry at the optimal temperature as soon as we receive the order. Frying is a quick method, so we try to make the freshest batch for you. Then all it takes is tossing the prawns in the sauce. We use mayonnaise as a core ingredient for the sauce, just like the authentic recipes state, but we have a little twist in that by using our in-house sweet and chilli sauce. That’s why dynamite prawns from our restaurant are always different yet more into authentic parameters. 

Once we have tossed the tempura prawns in the sauce, we serve them right away for you to enjoy with your friends and family. Indeed, it is a great choice for an appetiser to spark your hunger for more delicious menu items to come.

The history of the dynamite prawns is fascinating to Stur-fry Box. Tempura seafood and lean meats have always been around in many Asian cuisines. But this variation darts to especially Hong Kong cuisine and British English cuisine. Hong Kong or many Asian cuisines do not have any dairy products included in their recipes even though they have tempura meats coated in their regular mixture of condiments and sauces. 

The idea of adding mayonnaise, more like a dairy product, in the sauce for the coating of tempura was originated by the British within Hong Kong. Many Chinese chefs used this idea as their focal point to give more variation to the existing cuisine. Thus, we have this delicious dish now to enjoy. And why it is called dynamite, well, the combination of crunchy texture with sweet and chilli sauce with creaminess explodes in your mouth like dynamite.

If you are still unsure how this dynamite works, you are always welcome to come to Stur-Fry Box and have these delicious dynamite prawns. Indeed, there is no going back once you have tried them!

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