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Ma la Xian Guo

Ma la Xian Guo or Mala Xiang Guo is one of the most popular newer dishes in China today. It literally translates into Hot and Spicy Stir Fry Hot pot. Yes! The delicious hot pot that you gather around and enjoy the company of family and friends. This heartwarming, tongue-numbing stew filled with vegetables and meats is so satisfying.

A dish like hot pots and stir-fries broke out on the internet few years ago through many travelers, Mukbangs, and self-heating or instant hot pots. It was very fascinating to see how people are cooking their vegetables and meats in the same spicy pot, then eating them with a side of plain rice and other side dishes. Indeed, the spicy pot is what the entire feast is made around. Chinese food itself is all about the joy of sharing food and enjoying the spices by pairing them with the best fresh produce.

Ma la Xian Guo is not just a hot pot, it has a stir fry portion as well. This means you are getting a spicy and warm stew along with a delicious medley of stir fried and crunchy vegetables and meat. This combination is indeed mind-blowing and will have a deep effect on you. But where to just or even prepare this dish?

Worry not, here at Stur Fry Box, we have a wide selection of some of the trendy Chinese delicacies that you always want to try. This is not all, our chefs have their take on preparing tasty, trendy Asian dishes with high quality ingredients so you get the best of both, taste, and quality!

Now let us talk about the Ma la Xian Guo we serve to our customers. We start with selecting a wide variety of vegetables like lotus root, mushrooms, cabbage, Bok Choy, and beans as the base and we further add local produce like carrots. Then we select from the meats like shrimp or thin cuts of chicken. For the vegetarian option, it is extra exotic vegetables in the hot spicy pot. So, we have an open-source to a seasonal collection that can make the best Ma la Xian Guo for you any time.

The next important ingredient is the spicy and well-cooked sauce. All of the flavorings within the stir fry are coming from the hot spicy sauce in the dish. Therefore, there are a few carefully selected ingredients that go into the sauce that is further reduced and used in the stir fry. We take time with the slow cooking process so that the best of the flavor can come out as a result. The spice level here can be very hot for some people. Other than that, the use of traditional Chinese Sichuan peppercorn for the tongue numbing effect.

Last but not the least, stir fry the vegetables, meat and add the sauce for the ingredients to absorb all of those delicious flavors. We fry the vegetables till crunchy yet cooked to this part is a bit crucial but when it is done right, the final result is heavenly. Finally, we serve the Ma la Xian Guo with a topping of spring onion and fresh coriander.

It is just perfect to eat as it is if not you can also try it with a bowl of steamed rice and a few pickled side dishes like pickled radishes and let your taste bud dance in utter bliss. This dish is no doubt a must to try at Stur Fry Box and we are sure that you will keep coming back for more! Cheers!

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