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Pearl River

Pearl River Chicken / Vegetable (Garlic White Sauce)

Pearl River dish is one of our in-house favorites, and you might be hearing it for the first time. It is our take on a dish that is smothered in garlicky white sauce and submerged with prominent savory flavors that will make your mouth salivates.

The Pearl River Chicken gained its name from China’s famous river Pearl River which flows through the Cantonese regions; thus, the flavors are inspired by the Cantonese cooking style in China. It has a remarkable taste due to its enriched garlicky flavor with the soft flavor morsel of chicken and vegetables.

The concept of Pearl River was so fascinating and delicious that we tried out different things to elevate the garlic sauce. As you already know, we love to introduce the same dish with other proteins and ingredients. Therefore we have two options for you in this specific dish: The Pearl River Chicken and The Pearl River Vegetable.

Let us talk about the Pearl River Chicken first. The chicken is seared in a hot wok with garlic and a few basic Chinese condiments, then the rest of the vegetables are added to the wok.

In the vegetable version, which has a blend of the seasonal vegetables that we absolutely love. Carrots, capsicum, broccoli, and onions make a perfect mixture of vegetables tossed in the delicious garlic white sauce is super tasty and an ideal dish for our veg friends. Our Pearl River white sauce has some profound garlic flavor influence.

Now let us talk about the star of the dish, Garlic White sauce. We like to add the garlic to the butter first and sauté it. Then cook the vegetables along with seasonings and condiment. Once all the vegetables like onions and capsicum are sauteed and take over the seasoning, we add stock and thicken with cornflour to make that silky smooth White Pearl sauce.

You will be surprised how light the sauce is on your palate and has a unique kick of flavors in it. We love how the vegetables and chicken soak up the brothy creamy, garlicky sauce. We believe this is the best way to cook both Pearl River chicken and Pearl River Vegetables.

Pearl River dishes are best eaten with a side of rice or noodles according to the customer’s preference. But if you are willing to eat it as it is, there is no shame in that. You will definitely end up eating an entire bowl alone.

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