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Pepper Sauce

Pepper Chicken/ Pepper Paneer / Pepper Prawns

Pepper is one of the main ingredients for many cuisines, especially Chinese and Asian cuisines. If you generally talk about Chinese and Japanese cuisine, we have a wide variety of peppers represented by the different provinces or regions of the countries. This is when you know how much they adore their spices and local produce of the wide range of pepper and chilies.

But today, we are going to talk about only one kind of pepper that is used as a flavor base to stir fry dishes. Our chef at Stur Fry Box always wanted to have that delicious pepper chicken stir fry on the menu, and indeed it is one of the most nostalgic and iconic dishes. But you know how we are famous for adding a little bit of a flare of ours and how much we love our friends to have different options in the same food categories. Thus, we finally decided to add the pepper dish to the menu under the three different protein and vegetarian options. Yes! You read that right, and we introduce the same pepper flavors in Chicken, Paneer, and Prawns.

You will think that the chicken and prawn version might be the most chosen pick, but what about the pepper paneer. Well, the paneer is a delicious stable of the Indian locals, and honestly, from texture to flavor, the integrity of the paneer is so versatile. You can make it into anything, literally anything that why we love it. And once you have tried it as a pepper paneer, there is no going back. We guarantee that! Paneer has this different texture that locks in the flavors without losing its nutty and cheese-like taste.

To be clear, we use the same ingredients, and everything for the three dishes since the theme for them is the same. The only thing that varies is the cooking time per order.

You may have found many pepper chicken and prawn dishes at various restaurants that may have the tempura-style coating over the protein and then tossed through the pepper sauce. Pepper chicken or pepper prawn has that deep pepperiness and tangy flavor that fits perfectly together. The only secret is the peppery sauce to have that umami flavor and earthiness that you will not expect. Honestly, this dish is another level of satisfaction that you never knew you always wanted and ever existed.

Moreover, our personal flare is not just the paneer but also the use of imported Sichuan peppers. We just add a little hint for a local touch of the taste, but still, you will taste the Chinese freshness and condiments cutting through it as well. And with the topping of green onions as an ultimate Chinese dish is what we all love to have, so we never forget that!

This is how we love to make the pepper chicken, pepper paneer, and pepper prawns at Stur Fry Box. We are so proud that we got the same flavor available for everyone to choose from our menu, and we will make sure to keep presenting the now option in the future as well.

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