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Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Chicken - Stur-fry Box

A bowl of chicken/prawn teriyaki at Stur fry box will remind you of the narrow back alleys of Tokyo. There’s something about that sweet and savory sauce on chicken that gets you every time.

Teriyaki is a widely renowned dish and flavor from Japanese cuisine. The teriyaki flavor has this unique tangy and sweet notes of flavor but still, there is a visible and deep savory taste that makes it a perfect medley of the flavor. Moreover, the teriyaki has a unique history from being a technique to a flavor and how it was popularized and recognized by the world.

How We Make Chicken Teriyaki at Stur-fry Box

Let us uncover all of the details about it and how we make it here at Stur Fry Box for you. Yes! We have this delicious teriyaki dish for you in two protein options. Yes, you can enjoy the authentic teriyaki flavor in chicken and prawn as well, this deal can never get more delicious than this. Again, we always have this debate on which version is best so included both in our menu for you to enjoy and help us back up to be Team Teriyaki all the time.

The term “teriyaki” is not used as a dish in Japanese cuisine. Teriyaki was referred to as a cooking technique in Japanese cuisine and it literally translates into marinating and grill or “the glossy top or glaze”. This technique was used especially for the fish by marinating it in condiments like soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, and ginger. Then all that is left is the grilling process. Japan has this unique style of grilling with uses broiler as well. This technique still lives on and is deeply rooted in Japanese cuisine and household. So, when did the teriyaki chicken and prawn start as a dish?

It was in the early 1700s when a chef used this technique for making a chicken with a specific mixture of condiments. The chicken was later introduced with the same glaze, chicken, and vegetables in a dish naming it Teriyaki Chicken. In modern days, it is prepared with chicken, beef, prawns, and even tofu too.

Another version of teriyaki chicken is also observed in Hawaii. it was introduced to America when Japanese immigrants helped the people of Hawaii adopt the technique as well as the condiments too. You may have thought the Hawaiian poke bowl is more like a destructed sushi, well Hawaii food does have Japanese influence so you can say that Hawaii was the gateway of the teriyaki to the world.

Now let us talk about how this dish is made from scratch in our kitchen to your table. We start with gathering the best ingredients possible and we like to do everything from scratch. That means we prepare our in-house teriyaki sauce, and it has all of the same condiments that a Japanese chef used to make in Japan or any authentic restaurant. We always get our prawns and chicken delivered fresh from the local farmers’ market and we start by preparing them by cleaning and marinating them. Traditionally, chicken teriyaki is made with boneless skin-on chicken legs (both thigh and drumstick). The skin crisps up nicely and keeps everything juicy. We at Stur fry box use chicken breasts. We cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces, cook them just until they’re cooked through, then toss them with the teriyaki sauce.

The sauce includes soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, honey, and lemon. The perfect ingredient that brings out the acidity and sweetness in the dish. And we already know how soy sauce brings out the savory flavor in the sauce and the protein as well. So, we cook the proteins according to the order fresh and pan-fry them with a little bit extra of the teriyaki sauce. After searing them in the pan we broil it to have that beautiful char and broiling of glaze into a glossy top. And finally, we serve it with the garnish of spring onion for you to enjoy. Now enjoy it as it is or with rice, you are always welcomed with the option at Stur Fry Box!

Teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese food. Teriyaki means glazed and grilled – Teri means shiny/glazed and Yaki means grilled. To Taste this Amazing Dish Place your Order Now

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