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The Chinese Sauce Factories of Kolkata

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In the mid-19th century, Chinese owned sauce manufacturing units came into existence in Kolkata to meet the demand for authentic Chinese sauces which are the heart of every Chinese dish and the soul of every Chinese recipe.

The two most famous, Chinese owned and authentic Chinese sauce manufacturers that exist in Kolkata today are: Sing Cheung, which is also the oldest and Pou Chong. Both companies have played a big role in the culinary journey and the development of Indian Chinese cuisine.

While Sing Cheung boasts about its flagship product the Soy Sauce which is manufactured from hand-picked soybeans and then with the use the age old traditional Chinese fermentation process the Soya Sauce is aged under sun unhurriedly for more than 10 months. They say that the Sauces manufactured in this way have much better aroma and flavour compared to the faster chemical fermentation process.

Pou Chong is utterly famous for its Green Chilli Sauce. Its Green Chilli Sauce is a mix of Indian spices and herbs with Chinese one. It had to be an instant hit among the Indians. In the course of time, many other Indian Chinese sauces were created that became a part of the Kati rolls and the Indo Chinese food carts. They say that the Indian Chinese Hakka cuisine cannot be completely bursting with rich flavours and unique taste without the combination of Pou Chong sauces.

Authentic Chinese breakfast in Tiretti Bazaar, Kolkata.

This bazaar has quite a few Authentic Chinese food stalls for breakfast, so it’s buzzing from 5 am onwards till 8.30 am. A variety of Dumplings, Soups, sausages, spring rolls etc is what’s on the menu. These food stalls in a way safeguards the heritage of local Chinese immigrant community. Many Indian vendors have taken the place of previously Chinese owned stalls, but they have kept the legacy alive by selling authentic Chinese food to the locals and the diminishing Chinese community. If you are not a morning person you could visit chinese restaurants nearby that are open for lunch and dinner.

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