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Veg Spring Rolls

Veg Spring Rolls - Stur Fry Box

Veg Spring Rolls are one of the Chinese finger foods that celebrate the vegetables in the crispy shell that not just adds texture but a unique flavour to vegetables as well. The spring roll is the literal translation of Chinese Chūn Juǎn. Guess what? It gets its name from the season-Spring. 

The story behind the creation of these veg spring rolls is fascinating, as it was prepared during the Spring festival in mainland China when fresh vegetables were easily found after long cold winters. But later on, in the modern era, it has become more like a snack and appetisers for many households and restaurants.

Considering that this appetiser can be found not only in Asia but in all corners of the globe, it has many different variations. Not only do Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan have their variations, Mainland China itself has quite a few; not to mention the variation from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Nepal, etc. 

This list could go on, even if we skip the non-Asian variations from- Australia, North America, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and Uruguay. Maybe with the filling of vegetables, meats and other national staple foods, each country and even the regions in these countries have made something out of the idea of veg spring rolls into must-to-have.

Before this information gets heavy, let’s talk about the veg spring rolls that we serve at the stur-fry box. They are not like the ones found in Kolkata or Nepal but like the ones found in Mumbai, but of course, with a twist.

We have tried our best to normalise the authentic Chinese food with a bit of twist of the flavour we love to have with our stable ingredients and flavours. Therefore, for the spring rolls, we make use of the stable and seasonal vegetables with a mix of condiments from Chinese cuisine and of our Indian cuisine as well. In this way, we all come together as one to celebrate the cuisine all around the world wholeheartedly.

How We Prepare Delicious Veg Spring Rolls at Stur-fry Box?

Veg Spring rolls are quite popular in Chinese restaurants in Mumbai. They are mostly deep-fried and filled with veggies. The filling is mostly saluted and topped with soy sauce for flavour and is served with sweet chilli dipping. 

There are two important elements for the Veg spring rolls. First is the filling, we like to have a mix of healthy vegetables. All the pan-fried vegetables are filled as a single component and fresh green spring onions are added for maximum flavour. Cooking the vegetables and spices together helps a lot in infusing all the flavours within vegetables. Another crucial thing is that the cooking method is more like sauteing the vegetable to get rid of the rawness of the vegetable but still leaving that delicious bite and crunch of the vegetables.

Then we cool the filling and wrap them in tight logs and pockets of happiness. It is very important to have them sealed so that when these rolls hit the hot oil, the filling gets warm, and the exterior wrapper crisps up without making the vegetables oily inside.

Finally, fry them in the oil with an even temperature that gives us the beautiful brown colour and that delicious crunch that you cannot stop yourself from taking another bite of these veg spring rolls. In short, it takes a lot of courage to resist this dish.

Like all the other finger foods, you can enjoy eating them the sweet chilli dip and our mouth watering beverages or you No matter how you like, you can always enjoy them and prepare yourself and your stomach with other delicious dishes for the night.

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