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Chilli Cheese Rangoon

Chilli Cheese Rangoon - Stur-fry Box

What Makes Our Chilli Cheese Rangoon Unique?

Chilli Cheese Rangoon is our take on the original Crab Rangoon served in American Chinese restaurants. The Chilli cheese Rangoon at Stur-Fry Box has a kick, it’s the green chill with the sharpness of cheddar cheese and earthiness from mozzarella cheese. This unique twist is so different from any Rangoon you have ever had that it is one of the top dishes to try with us!

Chilli Cheese Rangoons are filled with crisp dumpling appetisers, also called cheese wontons. These delicious Appetisers are a perfect starter. The creamy cream cheese filling in the crispy shell gives a perfect harmony of two textures in a single bite. Indeed, it is so satisfying that you cannot stop yourself from having another bite of these rangoons.

The flavorful Rangoon’s taste great on their own, but you can always have a sauce with them. We love to couple cheese rangoons with the suggested sweet-chili sauce.

The wonton filling at Stur-Fry box is filled with spicy green chilies, red chili flakes, and a blend of cheese to balance the piping hot heat from the chilies. This recipe is very dear to us as it resembles the chili cheese toast served in Mumbai restaurants.

Many people may confuse by how the rangoons are made. Well, they are not so hard to make, and the key is to make the wanton is by folding and sealing well for the filling to not leak out during the frying process. The folding method in this recipe creates an envelope-like packet. It can be folded diagonally in a triangle or fold the sides in. We at Stur-fry box, pinch the wantons into little purses and deep fry.

We then drop the Chilli Cheese Rangoon purses into the hot oil, 5-6 at a time. They sink to the bottom of the pot and quickly form bubbles around them. Within about 30 seconds, the rangoons will pop up to the top of the oil and will become lightly browned and bubbly, giving that crispy texture that later we munch on.

Then indulgent yourself in the crunch through the crispy exterior and savor the smooth cheese filling. Indeed, it is pure satisfaction.

Chilli Cheese Rangoon is called Cream Cheese Wonton, Crab Rangoon, Crab Pillows, or Crab Cheese Wontons. The Cream Cheese Rangoon or Crab Rangoon popular in American Chinese restaurants were probably derived from an authentic Burmese recipe. So that’s how the Rangoons got their shape, but the filling was an innovation and not from Asia or Southeast Asia as cream cheese is almost non-existent in their regional cuisine.

With all the wonders of modern American Chinese cuisine, Chilli Cheese Rangoon is the strangest. It has a Burmese name, served mainly in Chinese restaurants, and it was invented in America in the late 19th century. Anyway, we have taken this to the next level, not in a strange way, though, but our main focus was to celebrate it with the local flavors. Our Rangoons are compatible with the taste palate of the people we love to serve.

Then we have a variation in Rangoon called Chilli Cheese Rangoon recipe as well. This recipe is quite simple. It has finely chopped fresh green chilies found locally and sundried smoky red chili flakes. The cheese we use is a blend of Cheddar cheese and Mozzarella Cheese. 

The purpose of using these two kinds of cheese is to have that stretchy and gooey texture and, of course, a twist of flavors as well. Cheddar Cheese has a deep and rich taste, while the locally produced Mozzarella Cheese is used for its texture and chewiness. The combination of the two chilies and two kinds of cheese makes a superb filling for the deep-fried wonton.

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